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JesMarried started as just a cute gift idea for my friends, and then it grew into a hobby, and then into a side hustle, and then into a SIX👏🏻  FIGURE 👏🏻 SIDE 👏🏻BUSINESS 👏🏻, and now into my 
full time career.

Today, I am launching a PDF that I wrote while I was still side hustling and employed in the corporate world. It walks you through my experiences, strategies, lows, and highs of running a side business and turning it into my full time job. 

I cover topics like…
Tik Tok
Real numbers
Mindset struggles
Comparison game
....And so much more

It is all laid out in chapters titled by the year in business I was in as a side hustle. So in Chapter 2015, you’ll read how I came up with my idea and got on Etsy, chapter 2016 you’ll read about my frantic first sale experience, and so on… but just wait until you get to chapter 2019 & 2020🙌🏼. THIS IS WHERE I MADE BIG MOVES and I’m spilling everything I did to get to where I am today there.

This PDF is an instant download, sent directly to the email you checked out with. Because of the nature of this being an instant download, returns are not accepted.

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